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Lincoln knows luxury. At College Lincoln in Lethbridge, our customers know that’s not just a slogan. It’s a promise.

The Lincoln Nautilus, our midsize luxury crossover, is a perfect example of that promise. With fierce power under the hood, opulent interiors, high-tech safety features, and the latest and most remarkable technologies, you need to see all the Nautilus offers to believe it.


One of the most shocking features of the Nautilus is its silence. To be so powerful, engineers designed the Nautilus to be mindful of both fuel efficiency and sound. Boasting a twin-turbocharged 2.7L V6 engine, the Nautilus delivers 335 horsepower and 380lb-ft of torque. With a fuel economy rating of 26mpg, you won’t miss gassing up to hit the road.

For Lethbridge drivers who are all too familiar with our unpredictable weather, the available Intelligent All-Wheel Drive is a hard-to-beat feature. It uses sensors to monitor vehicle traction continually and delivers torque to the front and rear wheels to enhance handling and maximize grip, usually before slippage can occur.

That’s power and confidence you won’t find in any other luxury midsize.


To be so powerful and agile, you might assume we skimped on comfort. Never! Our interiors are among the most luxurious on the market. You won’t have to look far to see why the Nautilus delivers.

In uncertain times, we want to provide calm at every opportunity. The minute you sit down inside your vehicle, we want you to feel at home. We want your Nautilus to provide a sanctuary after a hectic day at the office, the beginning of a long journey, or even a quick trip to the grocery store.

One way engineers create calm inside the cabin is through active noise control. Dynamic noise control reduces unwanted engine noise while enhancing overall cabin sound quality. Front seat acoustic-laminate glass helps reduce traffic noise and other unpleasant outdoor sounds. Simultaneously, the system monitors the sound profile and creates an opposing sound wave, producing immediate quiet.

Ultra Comfort seats with Active Motion offer adjustability for passengers. With power thigh extenders and 11 independent air cushions, 7 of which offer massage, these seats help decrease muscle fatigue, aches, and pains, so you can focus on the journey ahead.

Safety Features

Long before safety was at the forefront of everyone’s mind 24/7, Lincoln was a champion of high-tech safety innovations for all vehicles. Your safety has always been our number-one priority. The Nautilus comes standard with the Lincoln Co-Pilot360, one of the most advanced driver-assistance safety features on the road today, which includes:

    • Blind Spot Detection with Cross-Traffic Alert

Your eyes should always be on the road ahead. To that end, the Blind Spot Detection system alerts you to vehicles in your blind spot with small warning lights on the corresponding side mirror. Should you try to veer into a lane occupied by another car, audible warnings will also activate. When in reverse, Cross-Traffic Alert lets you know if vehicles are advancing from either side, so you don’t have to ease out of a parking space to see for yourself. It’s perfect in a busy parking lot, because Cross-Traffic Alert prevents frustration with an audible warning, a visual display, and a signal in the message center.

    • Pre-Collision Assist with Automatic Emergency Braking

This system can help you avoid or lessen the severity of an accident. By using camera technology, drivers receive a warning if the system detects another vehicle. If no action is taken, the system automatically applies the brakes.

    • Rear View Camera with Camera Wash

You’re only as good a driver as you can see. Our rearview camera comes with a wash that is activated with a simple push of a button, clearing your view and keeping you safe.

Innovative Technology

The Lincoln Connect with Lincoln Way App is just one way we provide drivers an opportunity to stay connected to their vehicles. With Lincoln Connect, drivers can control their vehicle with complimentary start/stop, lock/unlock, and scheduled remote start - which is an incredible luxury on Lethbridge mornings! Drivers can also receive important vehicle information like Vehicle Health Alerts, service history, and warranty information on your phone.

Lincoln and Amazon came together to provide the familiarity of your at-home Alexa while in your vehicle. With Lincoln + Alexa capability, you can ask to hear the news, favorite podcasts, music selections, add things to your Amazon shopping list, update your calendars, and operate smart-home devices, too - all from the comfort of your vehicle.

Our trusted salespeople at College Lincoln know what our neighbors are looking for in luxury, and the Nautilus is hard to beat. Schedule a test drive today to see what features suit you best. We are here to help you find exactly what you’re looking for - and it all starts with luxury.

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